New movie idea I got while dreaming

June 17, 2011

So I had a dream where I was dropping my mom off.suddenly we came up to a fence in the middle of the road, where there wasn’t one before. So we stepped out to slide it open and we see headlights in the distance.we think nothing of it figure the truck will stop. It gets closer and closer without slowing down. We back up fast and the truck slams into the gate throwing it towards us. Its gna hit us so I kick it and save my mom but it breaks my toe lol. So an ambulance comes and even though I don’t want help they throw me in the ambulance. There’s a chick driving and we start talking. Then her partner comes in and its another chick. So we start chatting and they turn out to be pretty cool. We talk about why they’re emts and stuff. Idk why but the hospital is closed so they take me to their house to wait until it opens. When we get there we look at my toe and the bone is sticking out but it doesn’t hurt. We just chat and chat and next thing I know its been days and it seems like me and one of the ladies have something. Then I leave to the store or something and when I come back they’re having a I mingle and when I turn around I see the girl kissing a guy.turns out she has a bf and im confused. Was it all in my head. I end up confronting her and she says that she feels something too and we kiss.
I can’t remember the rest but there’s a movie in there somewhere right? Lol


How true!!!

June 13, 2011

Love is a one way street, going from you out.
And you give it because it makes you feel good to give it
Because when you give it, it makes you strong
And that crazy, vulnerable, out of control, scary feeling? the feeling that most people think is love? It’s not really love at all, its just the need to be loved.
Real love isnt I love you hoping the other person’s going to say I love you too, its just I love you
It’s like giving someone a gift on christmas and if you get anything back thats a bonus,thats extra, but you shouldnt need to receive it. Because the true strenght is in the giving of it.

True word i found in a movie.


June 12, 2011

Sometimes you put yourselves in situations where you are bound to get hurt and or heartbroken. If you don’t take risks you cannot reap reward. Yes, it wont always work the way u want it but when it does, all the pain will make you appreciate what you have earned and you will fight to keep it.

Starlight by muse and my vision.

May 31, 2011

Ok so while closing my eyes and listening to this song, I came up with this vision for a short video that tells a story.
So the song starts and u have a split screen.on the left u have a girl and on the right a boy. They both walk out and lock their doors then begin walking. We don’t know where, all we see is the camera following them. She has headphones in her ears and he has sunglasses on. Along the way they stop at several places, a fruit stand, outside a coffee shop he sees a friend and they chat. They both keep walking and we get a glimpse at their everyday life. They continue walking both of them looking down at their phones, unaware of of eachother. The screen starts to become one and we see them slowly start to walk towards eachotherin the background are some trees and a the point that they meet in the middle something happens and they both turn around and look at eachother.he takes off his sunglasses and she takes out her headphones. They both are walking backwards now away from eachother kind of in slow motion and the camera zooms to show a smile on both their faces.finally back in real time they both turn around and continue on their way with a big smile on their face. Screen lifts to a shot of the sky and time lapses until its the stars are out and night has arrived. We see the guy chatting with some people at a party in an apartment several stories can tell its high up because there’s an open sliding glass door in the background and it shows other building with the nightsky in behind them. You see him look up then down then back up taking a double look at what he can’t believe. Camera pans to show the same girl he had passed earlier at the park. As she turns her eyes towards his direction, their eyes lock and they both begin to walk towards eachother in slow motion.their eyes stay locked as they grow nearer to eachother.finally standing in front of eachother they stare into eachothers eyes. U see his lips move” hi” but u don’t hear any words. Then she says “hi” back. He puts his hand out and she reaches for it. Their hands meet and he pulls her closer to him.they begin to slow dance,eyes still locked and both oblivious to the room and the people around see the camera pan out and zoom to a picture on the table.the picture is of both of start seeing what seems like a slideshow of their life together with different pictures passing by of them smiling and in diff.places.finally as the song nears its end, you see the last is of them on their wedding day.the camera slowly darkens and the song ends.

Me and what im about

May 30, 2011

Ok so I thought id let you guys in on my brain and what im about.
My name is jose and I am…
Shy at first but once I break open im a great person to be friends honest and blunt but sensitive to ppls feelings.I can be loud and obnoxious when drunk but also fun as can be. I really don’t care what ppl think of me because at the end of the day if im happy and it doesn’t affect others who a positive being who believes in always moving fwd and shrugging off negativity because it’ll only hold u back.I believe in the present because u cnt change the past nor predict the future.I like meeting new ppl and learning new things.I can be very opinionated and have strong beliefs.I believe in go but not organized religion, and refuse to believe that god is so judgemental that not going to church or not believing in prophets will land u in hell.I tolerate and respect everyones opinion but if I don’t agree just leave it alone because I will make my point be heard.I dont like confrontation but if u push I will shove an old school romantic who believes any person can be with anyone. Im not really racist and not homophobic and believe we should and can do what we set our minds to. Im loyal and will always be there to support you but don’t break my trust because I rarely build it back. I love helping people and have a wealth of knowledge to share with those willing to listen.I am smart but not arrogant and know what im capable of. I listen and give advice and no longer willing to settle for something or someone less than what I know I deserve.loveit or hate it that’s up to u but this is me.

little advice

May 10, 2011

Although its good to keep a bit of childhood in your life, there comes a moment where you have to grow up and take responsability for your choices. Whether good or bad, the choices you make are a reflection of you and your beliefs and shape the life you choose to live. Be responsible, if u have kids, love them and support them because they’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. Do what you love and always reach higher but never forget who you are.

Been a while

May 4, 2011

So it’s been a while since I last posted and I thought I’d start again. there’s not much new in my life but thought I’d share what I’m about. I’ve come very far from that dark place that haunted my early youth. From divorce to drugs to gangs and everything in between. Though nothing I did or experienced was great, it was helpful in shaping my life to this point. I’m stronger for it and can offer words of wisdom to those who want it. I’ve changed my perspective on life and just want to know as many people, and live a positive and happy life. We aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of time in this world and so we must do everything that drives us. Your time is too short to worry about people that dont matter, and things that have already happened. Always stay true to yourself and do what your heart tells you is right. Be honest and people will like you better for it. Don’t be pushed into things you may regret and always keep pushing forward. Wake up, smile, listen to music, exercise or do whatever makes you happy then let all the negativity roll off as the day goes by. Know that no matter how bad things get, you will make it through and the sunrise is just ahead, on the path you create for yourself. Smile

“kick ass” review

April 17, 2010

So I had heard plenty of good things about this movie, so I made up my mind and went to go see it. I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. So the premise is simple, kid has good intentions and becomes a costumed superhero. He gets in over his head and things unravel. This is by no means and academy award movie but it plays off like a comic book. Some parts are narrated which makes the film more personal and it doesn’t seem to take itself way too serious. Not saying that its over the top but some things are hard to believe. The movie carries a good pace and overall a good experience. The lead role becomes secondary to the acting and performance of “hit girl” and nic cage does a very good job as an Adam west inspired vigilante. The score is cheesy and at times annoying but it’s just a minor detail in an otherwise solid movie. Now this isn’t for everyone because it is a bit bloody. There’s some good humor and the blend of both makes it enjoyable. The target audience would be from young teens to mid thirty adults, although I did see an older senior couple enjoying themselves. If you’re into comical movies that are just a nice escape and fun for 2 hours then go watch kick ass. Regardless at least rent it because it’s worth it.

“Adam” review

April 17, 2010

Alright, so Adam is. Movie about a man with asbergers syndrome and a women who moves into the same apt complex. They meet and the story unveils. The acting is phenomenal by both leads. The story is simple yet complex. It shows the hardships of being wihh someone with this disease. It also shows the way people judge what they don’t understand. I felt very close to Adam because of his uncontrollable honesty, it makes me wonder what the world would be like if people had not hidden agendas and just said what they felt and meant. The score accentuates the film and story and the pace is just right. All the elements came together to create a great movie. You get attached to the lead character and this makes for a deeper experience. If you don’t want to buy it then def rent this it’s worth it.

Random darkness

April 14, 2010

As the new day rises another cloud approaches, but this is not an ordinary storm its something else. From the horizon you can see hints of what lies and what’s yet to fall upon us. The dark veil becomes clearer and the picture is frightening. The shadows begin to cover the trees and the leaves begin to die. The grass then turns to ash and the sun begins to die, behind the toxicity of darkness. The animals flee with fear, unaware of what’s in front. They know not where they’re going but they hope there’s light remaining. As they approach a dead end, their eyes tell all. The shadow veil has lured them to the real mystery. But what makes their bones shake and what makes their fur burn with fear? They begin to slowly peddle back but there’s nowhere to go. They are trapped between the shadows and the mystery. The gap closes and they begin to fall in defeat. There’s nowhere to go, all that awaits them is the vast emptiness of death. When all seems lost a glimmer of hope shines off a single tear, perhaps there is more, or perhaps their souls see what their mind cannot.