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Random darkness

April 14, 2010

As the new day rises another cloud approaches, but this is not an ordinary storm its something else. From the horizon you can see hints of what lies and what’s yet to fall upon us. The dark veil becomes clearer and the picture is frightening. The shadows begin to cover the trees and the leaves begin to die. The grass then turns to ash and the sun begins to die, behind the toxicity of darkness. The animals flee with fear, unaware of what’s in front. They know not where they’re going but they hope there’s light remaining. As they approach a dead end, their eyes tell all. The shadow veil has lured them to the real mystery. But what makes their bones shake and what makes their fur burn with fear? They begin to slowly peddle back but there’s nowhere to go. They are trapped between the shadows and the mystery. The gap closes and they begin to fall in defeat. There’s nowhere to go, all that awaits them is the vast emptiness of death. When all seems lost a glimmer of hope shines off a single tear, perhaps there is more, or perhaps their souls see what their mind cannot.



April 12, 2010

Ok so I went out and bought the iPad toDay because well I wanted it. My laptop crashed a while back and I had been using my ps3 and phone but now I can use this. It’s a pretty cool toy but that’s what it is a toy. If you’re like me you love new technology and feel like u have to have the newest and best and well this is it right now. I must say I love this so far but I think it’ll get old in time. Oh well anyways if u have the money and want a cool shiny toy then go out and get it. Peace

Christianity and a question

April 12, 2010

So I was thinking the other day that Christians worship Jesus mopper than anything. He’s the son of god not actually god and doesn’t the bible say not to worship anyone or anything other than god? So isn’t it a big sin to worship Jesus rather than god? Do any religious ppl know how this works? Anyways if there’s an explanation then that means there’s probably an exception to that commandment which in theory means u can have exceptions to the other ones? Interesting

Why do ppl victimize themselves?

April 12, 2010

So I’ve said thisnbefore but I thought I’d share it with everyone again. Y is it that ppl like to make themselves the victims? Like black ppl blaming slavery on y they’re all fucked up. And saying they can’t get a job and they get stereotyped and discriminated etc etc. If u show up to a job interview in baggy jeans and a side turned hat then don’t expect to get hired. Yes u were slaves but that was how long ago? Instead of selling drugs and being inna gang why don’t u get an educAtion and a Job and better yourself. Japanese were held in camps in ww2 but u don’t see them blaming the white man for shit, because they worked hard to be better. Instead of sitting around and blaming ppl get up and do something about your shitty life.peace

Getting a shot with emma stone

April 12, 2010

I checked Twitter for mentions of the actress Emma stone, and I was surprised to see how many ppl have said they met her and most said she was nice and funny and down to earth, just Like I’ve thought she would be. I’m hoping maybe I’ll get lucky and somehow run into her and then I can ask her out finally and either get rejected or get a shot, hopefully the latter. I’m hoping maybe there’s someone out there that has some sort of connection and maybe can hook it up. Maybe he or she will read my Twitter or my blog and they’ll say ” hum I’ll help this guy out” and then they’ll contact me and shell contjact me and we can go out and finally see if anything happens. Honestly I don’t think it would but I’d finally get this crush outta my head and say huh oh well. So if any famous person or someone with the hookup ills reading, help me get a date with Emma stone. Thanks. Peace

What is love.

April 12, 2010

Many may say that love is a chemical reaction that our body has when we meet a potential mate, other say it’s when yournheart sinks and you just wanna be with that person. I believe that there’s several types of love and that it is what it is. When you feel it you just know that it’s love and nothing else. There’s the love for a friend, a person you know is there for you no matter what and somewhat that will listen when other won’t. They’re someone you know you will help if you can, and that you will cherish always. Don’t confuse this with a spouse because as much as you love this friend, you know you could never see yourself having a hues and a family with them. Although they are in some way a part of your family it’s different. There’s that unconditional love that a parent has for his offspring. I myself have unconditional love for my daughter and my mother and sister. It’s just human nature to be attached to those that you’ve know you’re whole life. I truly know that no matter how mad or how bad things got with my family, I’d do absolutely anything in my power to help them out or to make them happy. I know that I would in a millisecond give my life up for that of my daughters, and I always try to think about her living the best she can and doing my best to make sure she has a better life. Unconditional love can appear in other people but it’s mostly visible in relationships between parents and children and siblings. Then there’s that ” true love” that many aspire to find. True love to me is rare and hard to find, but when you do find it you do everything in your power to keep it and to make sure it doesn’t dissappear. True love however is a two way street. You may find someone you feel is ” the one” but if it’s not the same for them, then you must move forward. True love is just something you both know and feel. I wouldn’t say you can describe it but it when you go about your day and a thought of your spouse comes to mind and it brings a smile to your face. It’s when you miss them despite knowing that you’re going to see them soon. Its knowing that if everything in your life disappeared and Ll your belongings were gone, that them being with you would be enough to keep you happy. They are truly your other half and make you complete. You become satisfied with life and despite perhaps not having the best job, house, car, or whatever you are extremely happy. It’s hearing a song and thinking of them, it’s watching your kids grow up And knowing you two created them. Perhaps you may feel you had found this but things didn’t work out and now you don’t believe in true love, but if you look back you notice that you knew it wasn’t going to last. If your argue and never solve it just move on then its not going to work out. If one of you only takes and doesn’t compromise then its not Going to work. True love does take work and maybe you hVe to give in at times and realize that it’s better to lose a stupid fight and be with them than being proud and losing them. Love is out there and everyone can feel it but it has to just come to you. Many try to find it but ” the one ” will come to you when the time is right and usually when you least expect it. Just be patient and know that you will someday have it, just keep yourself open to the idea and don’t force it. Anyways I believe love reaches everyone but the world is depressing and many lose sight of what love is. Many are too caught up in greed and the physical items in life that they forget about the abundance of emotions and how they can be better than a fancy car or tv. Yes we live in a place where horrible things happen and people die and are killed, but it’s not worth living in fear and worrying about things you can’t control. Be happy and positive and know thatmyou will make it thruough the day. Tell the people in your life that you love them because it makes a difference, and don’t be afraid to let people love you. Peace

Maybe this is better

April 12, 2010

I currently have a blog at but I’m trying to get more readers. Does anyone know if this site is viewed by more and is it just free to browse at diff ppl and follow? Thanks