Life Moments

There are moments in life that catch you by surprise and can lead you in opposite directions of where you want to go. You alone hold the power to choose the direction you want to take but sometimes you will make a mistake.Those mistakes are sometimes fixable and others not so much. Regardless of the outcome you must learn to live with such decisions and accept them, for you made them. It’s not always easy but, then again, neither is life. Sad, happy, mad, angry, excited, frustrated and a whole list of other feelings are all part of what makes us human. Can you imagine never hurting? how would you know that something was worth keeping or having if you didn’t realized how much it hurt to lose it/them? Now imagine the opposite, being sad all the time, how would you know that you enjoy something or the company of someone? no matter the feeling, embrace it because it reminds you that you’re alive and that you will indeed survive. I recently made a huge blunder and now must live with the consequences. I had someone who made me happy,who took care of me, who enjoyed the same things i did and who was, above all, great with my daughter. Things got too serious too quickly and I got scared. I pushed her away and made excuse after excuse to justify me breaking the relationship. I haven’t been accustomed to a good thing in a long time and the minute it came i had to run. At the time I was ok with the decision and felt like it was the right one but, as time has passed, I have come to realize that I fucked up. Yea not knowing the future is scary and can make you hesitate but is it worth your present? In my case it wasn’t. if I could go back I would have never ran away and instead i would relay my thoughts to her. I made the attempt to try and reach out to her but I think I hurt her too much and broke her trust. I don’t blame anyone but myself and although it hurts, it has been a learning experience. I must learn to embrace the present again and not look at the past or worry about the future because those are aspects of life that you cannot truly control. You must learn from every experience you have in life, whether good or bad. If you don’t learn then you will never grow as a person and if you don’t grow you will live in a bubble and, in turn, not truly live at all. Take life day by day and don’t let the things you cant control, influence your decisions. We only have certain time on this planet and in this life so you must LIVE. Pick yourself up, let time heal your heart, and never stop living.


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