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People in your life

January 31, 2012

Those that know me know that I have seen my dad twice since my mom, sister and I came to the US in 1994. We left because my parents had problems and my mother wanted a better life for us. I’ve gone back to mexico and seen my dad twice since and not for at least 9 years. Recently he called and we’ve kept somewhat in touch. I didn’t know why but tonight I found out that he’s sick. I don’t know what’s wrong with him or if its serious, but I do know that he’s a huge part of who I am. He taught me many things in the 8 years he was able to raise me, and more so the last months that he knew we were leaving. He tried to teach me about god but he also taught me about life and doing what is right. He taught me that it isn’t good to hold grudges and that forgiving is something I should do. He taught me to be strong and to push through adversity and eventually things work out. Perhaps he reached out in order to make peace in fear of his illness being serious, but he has nothing to apologize for. He never abandoned us and time changed us all and we faded. I’ve never thanked him for all the lessons that still stick with me, nor told him that despite all that’s happened, I love him and hold him dearly. Im hoping its nothing serious and everything turns out right but if it doesn’t I just want you to know, thank you, I am a better man for knowing you.