New movie idea I got while dreaming

So I had a dream where I was dropping my mom off.suddenly we came up to a fence in the middle of the road, where there wasn’t one before. So we stepped out to slide it open and we see headlights in the distance.we think nothing of it figure the truck will stop. It gets closer and closer without slowing down. We back up fast and the truck slams into the gate throwing it towards us. Its gna hit us so I kick it and save my mom but it breaks my toe lol. So an ambulance comes and even though I don’t want help they throw me in the ambulance. There’s a chick driving and we start talking. Then her partner comes in and its another chick. So we start chatting and they turn out to be pretty cool. We talk about why they’re emts and stuff. Idk why but the hospital is closed so they take me to their house to wait until it opens. When we get there we look at my toe and the bone is sticking out but it doesn’t hurt. We just chat and chat and next thing I know its been days and it seems like me and one of the ladies have something. Then I leave to the store or something and when I come back they’re having a I mingle and when I turn around I see the girl kissing a guy.turns out she has a bf and im confused. Was it all in my head. I end up confronting her and she says that she feels something too and we kiss.
I can’t remember the rest but there’s a movie in there somewhere right? Lol


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