Me and what im about

Ok so I thought id let you guys in on my brain and what im about.
My name is jose and I am…
Shy at first but once I break open im a great person to be friends honest and blunt but sensitive to ppls feelings.I can be loud and obnoxious when drunk but also fun as can be. I really don’t care what ppl think of me because at the end of the day if im happy and it doesn’t affect others who a positive being who believes in always moving fwd and shrugging off negativity because it’ll only hold u back.I believe in the present because u cnt change the past nor predict the future.I like meeting new ppl and learning new things.I can be very opinionated and have strong beliefs.I believe in go but not organized religion, and refuse to believe that god is so judgemental that not going to church or not believing in prophets will land u in hell.I tolerate and respect everyones opinion but if I don’t agree just leave it alone because I will make my point be heard.I dont like confrontation but if u push I will shove an old school romantic who believes any person can be with anyone. Im not really racist and not homophobic and believe we should and can do what we set our minds to. Im loyal and will always be there to support you but don’t break my trust because I rarely build it back. I love helping people and have a wealth of knowledge to share with those willing to listen.I am smart but not arrogant and know what im capable of. I listen and give advice and no longer willing to settle for something or someone less than what I know I deserve.loveit or hate it that’s up to u but this is me.


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