Random darkness

As the new day rises another cloud approaches, but this is not an ordinary storm its something else. From the horizon you can see hints of what lies and what’s yet to fall upon us. The dark veil becomes clearer and the picture is frightening. The shadows begin to cover the trees and the leaves begin to die. The grass then turns to ash and the sun begins to die, behind the toxicity of darkness. The animals flee with fear, unaware of what’s in front. They know not where they’re going but they hope there’s light remaining. As they approach a dead end, their eyes tell all. The shadow veil has lured them to the real mystery. But what makes their bones shake and what makes their fur burn with fear? They begin to slowly peddle back but there’s nowhere to go. They are trapped between the shadows and the mystery. The gap closes and they begin to fall in defeat. There’s nowhere to go, all that awaits them is the vast emptiness of death. When all seems lost a glimmer of hope shines off a single tear, perhaps there is more, or perhaps their souls see what their mind cannot.


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