Getting a shot with emma stone

I checked Twitter for mentions of the actress Emma stone, and I was surprised to see how many ppl have said they met her and most said she was nice and funny and down to earth, just Like I’ve thought she would be. I’m hoping maybe I’ll get lucky and somehow run into her and then I can ask her out finally and either get rejected or get a shot, hopefully the latter. I’m hoping maybe there’s someone out there that has some sort of connection and maybe can hook it up. Maybe he or she will read my Twitter or my blog and they’ll say ” hum I’ll help this guy out” and then they’ll contact me and shell contjact me and we can go out and finally see if anything happens. Honestly I don’t think it would but I’d finally get this crush outta my head and say huh oh well. So if any famous person or someone with the hookup ills reading, help me get a date with Emma stone. Thanks. Peace


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